Carate Beach

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Carate Beach
South pacific region
Costa Rica

Carate is located about 2 miles of south of Corcovado National Park’s La Leona Ranger station, and around 50 km of south of Bahia Drake, Lined by gleaming pacific waters and luxuriant rainforest, , Carate is one of the Osa Peninsula’s most isolated wonders, this nature lovers heaven is known for its undeveloped beaches, biodiversity and outdoor adventures. Carate beach has a distance of around 28 miles from Puerto Jimenez and its temperature stays 70-91 F.

Absolutely off the beaten path, Carate is popular for its isolation and astonishing natural beauty and abundance of wild life Since Drake Bay and Puerto Jimenez are the Osa Peninsula’s most popular tourism destinations, visitors to Carate often feel as if they have the great outdoors all to themselves.
Most visitors are interested in trips into Corcovado National Park, Dubbed as being the crown jewel of Costa Rica’s Park system.

Activities – Things to do in Carate

Wildlife Watching/Birds watching

This is one of the rare activities you can do free around Montverde. Early morning birds watching tour starts, prior to dawn to glance scarlet macaws, tangers, roseate spoonbills, hummingbirds, egrets, trogons and other species. At least more than 365 spices of birds and other 140 mammals, 107 reptile and amphibians and 40 fresh water fish species inhabit the park.


You can reach the Corcovado National Park is less than an hour and you can explore the southern portion of the park on day trips. La Leona ranger station has the camping facilities for 15 people, with 3 bathroom and 3 showers. The cooking area with potable water is also available. Advance permission and reservation is suggested. The beach and river area provides excellent opportunities of exploration. Hikers can spot sloths, poison draft frogs, toucans, squirrel monkeys and scarlet macaws frequently. The two mile beachfront hike from Carate to La Leona Station takes about 40 minutes.

Rain Drop Spa

Enjoy with the Raindrop Spa’s relaxing setting which brings you in the new hight of pleasure. The retreat is surrounded by gardens, trees, and running water features.

Canopy Tour

Overview There are many options for this type of adventure but two are reliable and leading companies who offers the parallel experience of adventurism in Santa Elena.

Twilight walk, Children’s Eternal Rainforest

You will have an entirely different experience walking through jungle at night compare to the walking by day. This tour enables you to compare the two by starting at sunset and finishing in torchlight. This tour takes place in Santa Elena.

Horseback Riding

Daily horseback riding tours interlace through jungle forests, along unspoiled beaches, and into the private wildlife reserves. You can get panoramic views and take a break to wash in a natural hot springs. Tours are available to all categories of riders.


The famous Kayaking tours to nearby lagoons and mangroves take place on daily basis from Carate. Calm waters permits for leisurely excursions through wetland habitats, where herons, egrets and roseate spoonbill are often spotted. Sea kayaking is also possible, but it is best suited for experienced kayaker because of strong tides and with serious adventure in mind.

Sports Fishing

Cast a line for shoo in the Pejeperrito Lagoon, or fish for a snapper, jack. Offshore fishing excursions are also available and it departs from nearby Puerto Jimenez.

Tree Climbing and Waterfall Rappelling

This is one of the most significant adventures of Carate, an 8 hour combo excursion through the area’s most climbable trees and extraordinary exciting waterfalls. Discover powerful cascades along the Carate River, and belay up massive trees for incredible view of the forest canopy and Pacific Ocean.

Turtle Tours

The Osa Peninsula is an important nesting site for four species of endangered sea turtle, Leather back, Olive Ride, Hawks bill, and green sea turtle. Seasonal tours embark nightly for local nesting grounds, where visitors may observe the turtle’s progression to site selection, cleaning, egg lying and return to the ocean.


This town is also famous for surfing; you can rent a board form anywhere or take the help from professional for surfing. Take lesions from respected school at the El Parquecito end of the town.
Cerro Tortuguero Trek

Overview Just a short taxi ride up to river from the village is the drop off point for this trek; it can be a slippery and muddy trial. Put on the boots and you will have the experience of fun slip sliding up at this place.

Hotels in Carate and places to stay:


Due to its isolated location, Carate’s lodging options are limited to a handful of Eco-lodges, tent camps and small hotels. The restaurants are limited, most accommodations include three daily meals in their rates, which range from $70-$200 per person, per day. Electricity is often supplied using solar power, and may only be available during certain hours of the day.

La Leona Eco Lodge

La Leona Eco Lodge is located on the Carate Beach, at the edge of the Corcovado National Park, one of most biologically intense areas in the world. La Leona is close to the ranger’s station has 84 acres of private beach and jungle property for the visitors to enjoy. Accommodation are like rural areas compare to other Eco lodges in the area, but comfortable. There are sixteen large tents set on a wooden plate forms underneath a larger tented pavilions. Each pavilion also has an attached deck portion with lawn chairs. Six of the tent-cabins have private, tiled bathrooms with miniature gardens, while others make use of shared facilities. They also provide all meals also but it is on your choice you have meals or pay for only for the accommodations. They also arranged all types of tours. Prices vary slightly from high to low season.

Luna Lodge

The Luna Lodge is set in the pristine and captivating Osa peninsula near Corcovado National Park in the south western Costa Rica. This lodge is on 150 acres of tropical wilderness, where you can encounter with rare wildlife, bird watching practicing yoga, or enjoying a therapeutic massage, Luna lodge is truly a unique experience which will leave long-lasting effects of a vacation here. Over 75 acres of the lodge’s property is primary virgin rain forest, you can blemish literally hundreds of rare and beautiful bird species such as the scarlet macaw, red-lagged honey creeper, and salty-tailed trogon. You will also likely to encounter exotic creatures, such as coatis, tayras, and the four spices of monkeys found in Costa Rica. You can find water falls throughout the years on the property of Luna Lodge.

Getting There:

Carate is situated approximately 28 miles southwest of Puerto Jimenez, the southern gateway to the Osa Peninsula. All means of transportation arrive to Puerto Jimenez, where guest may choose to continue on via rental car or bus ($8 per person, 6 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.), Taxi ($80 for up to 4 people), or pickup through their Carate hotel.

Air: The fastest way to reach Carate is on a domestic flight. Nature Air and Sansa operate daily flights to Puerto Jimenez. Or take a charter flight directly to the Carate Airstrip.

Bus: From San Jose; the bus start 8.00 a.m. and 12.oo p.m. it cost $12.50 per person, it departs from the intersection of Calle 14 and Aveidas 9/11 9Blanco Lobo Station). Return: Buses depart Puerto Jimenez for San Jose daily at 5 a.m. and 9 a.m. Please note that some Carate hotels are not accessible via car. You will have to park offsite and pay a daily parking rate to store your vehicle.

Carate Snapshot:

Summary: Remote village on the Osa Peninsula; southern gateway to Corcovado National Park. Landscape: Beaches, Rainforest, River Attractions: Corcovado National Park, Nesting Sea Turtles Activities: Bird & Wildlife Watching, Dolphin & Whale Watching, Hiking Caters to: Couples/Honeymooners, Independent Travelers, Nature Lovers